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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Surrounded by Beautiful Women

I just heard from Nicholas Shaplyko and Ekaterina Sorokina, co-founders of the Museum of Modern Renaissance in Somerville. I performed there on Sunday to a full house, as part of a Benefit Concert in honor of Nicholas' 50th birthday.  They wrote:  "We would like to thank you again for the pleasure that your performance gave us. Your violin is a key to a transcendent dimension." Nicholas and Ekaterina are incredible artists, here is a photo taken right after the concert that gives a good idea of how they have decorated the whole Museum with their own amazing artwork. Pictured L-R: Lidiya Yankovskaya, Natalie Polito, Kathlyn McKellar, myself, Tatiana Shrago, Zhanna Alkhazova, Tanya Zadorskaia, and Katya Nehaeva. Tatiana and Lidiya served as my accompanists at the concert; I appreciate the work that they have put into it. In case you are wondering, there were other male performers on that stage, but they did not make it into the shot -- I guess the photographer liked the sight of me surrounded by beautiful women.