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Monday, May 24, 2010

Sadly, I do not live in Phoenix

Last week, I got a letter from a woman I do not know, saying "I have heard that you are an amazing teacher. Sadly I live no where near you. I was wondering if you had any recommendation for a teacher in the Phoenix area that teaches as well as you." I could not tell if she was for real, so I wrote back asking how she heard about me, and she replied: "One of your former students from WKU told me about you... I am moving to the Phoenix area in a month. My first priority when I move is to find a teacher that can help me grow as a musician, and help me release the songs I have in me threw my violin." (WKU is Western Kentucky University, where I was a faculty member for four years.) If anyone knows of great violin teachers in Phoenix, let me know, so I can help my new friend.