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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Very First Recital for Three of my Students

This past Sunday, I went to a recital by the students of reknowned Russian violin teacher Saveliy Shalman.  These young prodigies from the St. Petersburg Special Music School reminded me of my own childhood at the Special Music School in Riga, Latvia, when my life revolved around music and all my free time was dedicated to the violin.

And Mr. Shalman reminded me of my violin teacher in Riga, Oyars Kalninsh. Oyars was great at teaching the students proper technique while inspiring them to love music and to strive for constant improvement with their instrument. These are the values I aim to pass on to my own students, while recognizing that their lives are more balanced than for the young Russian violinists.

My studio had our own recital a week earlier on October 26. I am very proud of all my students, and especially the three for whom it was their very first recital. They come from Brookline, Needham, and Lexington, and they had all been studying violin for under six months but they have made huge progesss in this time. Here are the photos from their performances. I wish them, and all my students, a wonderful and fulfilling journey along their path as violinists.