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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beautiful Clip of New Music Added to my Website

I have always liked performing new music. It is inspiring to have a chance to discover various images and colors in a new piece, where "standard" interpretations have not been established yet. This fall, I've had two opportunities to perform new music: "Wiegala" by Julia Scott Carey, performed in September at the Harvard Club, and two chamber pieces by Paul Gay, performed in November at the St. Botolph Club.
I have just received a copy of the video from the September performance, where I am soloing with an ensemble; I would like to share it with everyone - PLEASE CLICK HERE.

My thanks to Julia Scott Carey, a great musician and composer, for inviting me to perform her arresting work. I last had a chance to work with Julia in April 2011, when she played harpsicord in the comic opera "La Serva Padrona" by Pergolesi, where I was concertmaster. I would also like to thank Elena Coyne of INFOCUS VIDEO & PHOTO for making the video.