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Monday, May 9, 2011

Concertmaster in "Spanish Serenade"

This coming weekend, the Symphony Pro Musica is having its last concert of the season, called "Spanish Serenade", where I am serving as concertmaster. This concert features three beautiful works by Spanish composers, a nice change from the standard fare of German and Austrian composers. Here is SPM's description of the three pieces:
  • The charming overture to an opera now lost was written in 1820 by Juan Arriaga, known as the Spanish Mozart, who died at age 19.
  • Joaquin Rodrigo was a modern romantic who captured the Spanish soul in graceful and passionate melody.
  • Manuel de Falla created a ballet for full orchestra, full of fire and festive energy, and drawing on Andalusian folk elements, to tell a story of marriage, mistaken identity, and comeuppance among a miller, his wife, and a magistrate.
There are two performances: 7:30PM Saturday, May 14th in Hudson; and 3:30PM Sunday, May 15th in Westborough. More details about the program, locations and prices can be found on the attached poster.